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TMD Treatment Sydney

Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) can include a variety of symptoms and problems such as headaches, neck aches, facial pain, cracked and sensitive teeth, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ear aches, locking and clicking of the jaw and excessive wear on the teeth.

Under the direction of Professor Au, who has taught the management of TMD at The University of Sydney, both at under and postgraduate levels, the team at DST specialises in a holistic approach to the treatment of this difficult but common disorder.

Treating TMD with a detailed approach

The most effective treatment of TMD only comes when there is a complete picture of your symptoms and history.

At DST, we place great emphasis on this part of the treatment process, ensuring that we spend time understanding your problems and discomfort, and how these impact on your lifestyle. We measure clinical parameters carefully and arrange special X-rays and scans where needed.

A collaborative, holistic, team approach to the treatment of TMD

Because TMD usually spans a range of disciplines, we work very closely with a highly experienced group of professionals, including pain management specialists, physiotherapists, behavioural clinicians, headache specialists, medical sleep disorder specialists and general medical pain clinics.

Through this collaborative approach, we can ensure comprehensive management of the often complex interaction of risk factors. Our goal is to provide immediate relief for your symptoms and long-term stability to minimise recurrence.

The importance of posture

In the management of headaches and chronic musculoskeletal pain, being aware of and maintaining good posture is important

TMD Treatment Sydney

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